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I wanted to share my experience with Linda from PRE Sportshorses Netherlands. She has helped me source a lovely horse who should be on its way to the UK in the next few weeks.
She travels between Holland and Spain on a regular basis. She is very well connected and regularly sources young Spanish horses and brings them on to sell. She has travelled all over Spain and even went to Belgium for me to view horses. She is very honest, to the extent she has even made a journey to see a horse for me and then said "but I think we keep looking. It's not quite the right one." She hasn't pushed me to buy anything and she has been frank about the pros and cons of each horse. We definitely like the same type of horse which has really helped our search. She has consistently sent me horses that I like and I am quite picky. She has attended settings for me as well and sent me a million videos of the entire process. She has been available for calls and is very responsive to whatsapp. Anyway I think it's worth checking her out. Either to help source you a horse or she regularly uploads horses and they sell quickly....she also PRE vets all her horses and they have x rays. I think she is a real gem and I would definitely use her in the future if my husband ever lets me buy another horse 
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